Orange for Tea

Orange for Tea by Tricycle

cover Orange for Tea

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Tuur Florizoone: accordeon, piano, compositions

Philippe Laloy: soprano and alto saxophone, flute

Vincent Noiret: double bass

Guest: Jessa Wildemeers: vocals on #7


Recorded in May and July 2004 at ‘Academiezaal’ in Sint-Truiden by Veroon Marques Balsa, Stefaan Ottenbourgs

Mixed and mastered at ‘Motormusic’ by Steven Maes Produced by Veroon Marques Balsa Artistic Producers: Tricycle Peter Van Bouwel Executive producer: Aventura Musica vzw

Lay out: Tuur Florizoone, Dirk Devillers, Christine Elinckx

Imagery: Dirk Devillers

Logo and illustrations: Brigitte van de Wouwer

Front cover photo by Delphine Devillers, back cover photo by Laura Zualaert, photos of musicians ‘in action’ by Milena Strange, others by Veroon Marques Balsa and Camila Nascimento



  1. Intro Kater (1:07)
  2. Contamines, mon joie (4:32)
  3. Jouer au parc rouge (7:16)
  4. Moving on (5:07)
  5. Evinha, minha vizinha (4:14)
  6. Silvana (0:49)
  7. Kater (4:14)
  8. l’homme marche droit (0:42)
  9. Then at least (5:32)
  10. Tzygane (3:44)
  11. Stilte voor de storm (1:35)
  12. Bangkok ou ailleurs… (3:39)
  13. Con largos (5:11)
  14. Orange for tea (dedicated to Leen Blyaert) (7:23)

Total time: 55:10

All compositions by Tuur Florizoone except #12 composed by Vincent Noiret all arrangements by ‘Tricycle’. Lyrics on ‘Kater’ by Jessa Wildemeersch.